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Are you ready to teach belly dance? Are you looking for ways to change up your teaching techniques? Are you keen to find a fresh approach to bring to your existing classes?

This is the book!

Sara Shrapnell will help you set up, plan, teach and enjoy your belly dance classes. From exciting games to make learning fun for your students, to understanding the individual needs, desires, and hopes that each dancer brings to class, Sara will help you hone the learning experience to achieve their goals.

This book touches on every major aspect of the teaching process including:  

• Tips for finding the perfect teaching venue

• Promoting yourself as your teacher

• Planning interesting semesters  

• Methods for developing comprehensive lesson plans  

• Understanding your students aims and goals

• Providing useful praise and critique

• Teaching to a variety of learning styles

• Organizing your own events and troupe

• Picking music that connects to the learner

Also includes a glossary, handouts, and sample waivers.


Sara Shrapnell has taught belly dance for more than a decade, presenting thousands of belly dance classes, both in the UK and US. She teaches privates, groups, workshops, and provides coaching for dancers and teachers worldwide.



A letter from Sara :


Dear Belly Dance Teacher,


Thank you for your interest in my new book “Teaching Belly Dance”.


This book is aimed at those who are new to teaching Belly  dance or who are looking to start teaching in the future, be they professional dancers, long term students, teacher assistants or class leaders.  It is assumed that the reader has an excellent understanding of the basic moves and some depth in their chosen topic.  This is not primarily a book on what to teach, so much as how to teach belly dance.


I have included a variety of different ways to teach the basic moves, and while I know belly dance doesn’t share a worldwide naming system I hope that you can understand which moves I mean from my descriptions.


I also wanted this book to be useful to teachers in all styles of belly dance and not to push my own dance style on to others. The key moves are what will make your classes “belly dance”, but your own styling, accent, dance skills and history are what will make your classes unique.  


I have included instructions on how to write your own term/semester and lesson plans, so that you can share your own style at a pace that suits you and your students.


In addition to lesson planning, I have included practical tips on how to set up and promote classes, how to deal with students and how to keep up with your own training.  I have shared my thoughts about the different learning styles, class room planning, student performances and event planning.  I hope that together they give you the confidence to glide on to the next stage of your teaching.


Finally I have included practical projects to help you research and prepare for teaching in your own area.  You may need to work through them in the order they are set, or you may prefer to skip around to chapters that interest you.


Please note that all opinions in this book are my own and you may well be or know a greater expert in these topics.  I have studied belly  dance for more than twenty years but I know I have only scratched the surface and I apologies for any mistakes I have made.  This book is my advice to new teachers, and, as with any advice, you may take it or leave it.


I wish you many happy years of enjoyable, rewarding and profitable belly dance classes - Sara


























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Teaching Belly Dance is now available to order via Amazon HERE.   Signed copies can be ordered HERE.  I will have a limited number of signed copies available during my tour of the UK and Norway in July.  Email me if you would like further details.

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